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Why Ketocrine?

One-stop-shop for your healthy lifestyle needs by providing you with nothing but the best quality products, science-based and properly dosed ingredients.


CGMP Compliance​

We operate under strict FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices quality guidelines.


Non-GMO Ingredients

Non-GMO has important environmental and sustainability benefits.


American Made

We proudly design and manufacture our products in the USA.

Real talk from our real customers

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

I’m a big fan of anyone that gets their products run through the FDA before it’s tested on me. This is an amazing product that is made with quality ingredients. This product is made in America by American entrepreneurs with a dream! If you give these products at shot you will not be disappointed!

Andre M.
I have recently started using Ketocrine to supplement my diet and to improve my health. My doctor had me start taking Vitamin D3 after my levels came back really low. This is the 3rd brand I’ve taken. It is the only one that has helped bring up my levels back to normal. These soft gels are very small which makes them easy to swallow. They are also tasteless and don’t upset the stomach. It’s the second time I’m buying this product from Ketocrine and I’m greatly satisfied both by product and service. Recommended!
Nick U.
I really enjoyed this product! The BHBs help put your body back into ketosis more quickly than you would on your own. The caffeine is a nice boost that helps wake you up and get your day going. I’m pregnant and I’ve taken these for a couple of months now, perfectly safe! I highly recommend if you’re looking for a pill form of exogenous ketones.
Karina L.

When I take it, I sleep really hard almost through the night. I have trouble waking up at 3 or 4, with this stuff I can sleep till 10.

Bob K.

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